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Established 2005 > What goes through our minds, and exactly who we are


The space in which we all live is limited and dictated in different ways, but contains many shares numerous opportunities and infinite potential, and therefore our desire is to influence and make the best benefit out of it, regarding needs, resources and obvious relevance.
We truly believe that any planning mission must include collecting data of all kinds, after which a thorough investigation leads to at least one, sometimes even few assumptions, translated and interpreted the concrete special outcome around the main premise, with full accurate development and original thinking every time again.
Our working process is complex and rated, based on the old and proven saying that "the paper can take it all", and purpose with the understanding that one must "think before you act", and largely stems from those of our choice in practice (although sometimes it seems that it chose us, not vice versa).
Our work is always done by the emphasis on quality rather than quantity, which leads us to choose the projects we take under our care, based on the desire for Total Design planning, which allows us to influence the decision-making process, starting from the first foot print position, to the choice of finishing materials, connectors and accessories.
Over the years since establishing our own studio, we included in the process work together to contain always the opinions and insights, as well as differences of the both of us, and wise enough to integrate them into a finished and complete product. We choose to assign to each project serving considerable time and talent at each stage, until reaching and execution of ideas, while pricing the investment course adequate and appropriate compensation.

We had a chance to design a residence house combined with an old stables, to make a group of small public toilets became a restaurant, to plan office and residential high-rise tower at the heart of a crowded urban center, to design an underground dining and conference room, to create a local community center within converted silos for grain intended for preservation, a private residence embraces an ancient mulberry tree, a luxurious compound of B&B and guest houses, we dug basement and a ritual bath under an existing house, and many more challenging.
All these strict integrated workflow that offers various alternatives for thinking and realization, based on the belief that every project is different and every client is unique, and we must locate and isolate these specialties, in order to bring them into action as part of our planning work.

Sharon Vaz-Dias On (architect, B.Arch+B.Sc) studied and received her professional degree at the department of architecture in the Academy of Design and Education, WIZO Haifa (with distinction), and the Department of Interior Design at the Colman College of Management.
She specializes in interior design for large and complicated public buildings, leaded and managed external consultants teams while experiencing using of advanced materials and close building area professional supervision >> Within the studio work she engaged specified and detailed planning, emphasis at wet and integrated spaces, from lighting and styling, description of complicated systems coordination, and developing sophisticated high edge details.
Oren On (Architect, B.Arch+B.Sc \ BE.d - L.N. 117986) Studied and received his Professional degree at the department of architecture in the Academy of Design and Education, WIZO Haifa, and teaching since 2006 and until now the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion IIT, as adjunct teacher and tutor. Previously taught at various schools for technical engineers, among them "Shenkar" at Tel Aviv University campus, "Ruppin" Academic Center at Emek Hefer and "Kinneret" College at the sea of Galilee.
Oren specialized in residential design of multiple units on high rise buildings and linked land neighborhoods. In addition he specialized during his intern years on planning various scales of public buildings >> Within the studio work he Practiced specified planning emphasis on elevations and cladding, local town master plans, performance Tests and feasibility of building rights including the national 2038 plan for reinforcing exist Residence buildings, top supervision and publishing construction permits and development programs approval.

During the last decade we were involved in Planning of Variables Scale Projects, for both Public factors and private clients, specialized in wide ranges and areas of planning and design, with variable scales and Complexities. We insist that any task will get our full attention, and will be handled exclusively by each of us, and sometimes even by the two of us in a personal way. The studio staff is featured with efficiency, service consciousness and professional focus, it is flexible and changes According to essential thinking group appropriate per project.
During the last few years we were registered members In the "Israely association for Green and Sustainable building", in the "Merchav" movement for Renewable Urbanism, judging as invited jury members at "Project of the Year" Competition by the "AI" Magazine and the European union, We wrote Articles for "DOMUS" International Design Magazine, and our work have been published and exposed at printed and online Israeli magazines.
Beyond professional partnership we are conducting a long-standing relationship, and growing together three energetic and smart boys.
Your more then welcome to take a closer look at what we do, always followed by the well known idiom which claims that "quality is important than quantity". Enjoy!